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What style of kitchen do you see yourself in? Let's explore the possibilities.


Taking inspiration from furniture and cabinetry produced for Europe's elite in the 18th and 19th centuries, Traditional style is formal, intricate and rich. Dark woods and ornate details combine to create a look of elegance. Select the enlarge icon to view details.

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Contemporary style reflects urban sophistication and defies traditional ideas of what a kitchen should look like. Celebrating modern materials and technologies, Contemporary character embraces geometric precision and straightforward presentation, often with a touch of retro. Select the enlarge icon to view details.

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‘Transitional’ describes a simple yet sophisticated fusion of traditional and contemporary styles. Neutral colours like creams, greys and whites create a clean look, while darker accents add depth and drama. Transitional style is typically lean on ornamentation, favouring a more minimalist approach. Select the enlarge icon to view details.

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